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The announcement that everyone has been waiting for:


ValkyrieCraftMC Factions is will be OPEN to the public.


Starting on September 27th, 2019, at 12:00 EST, the server will be un-whitelisted for all to join and experience:


Introducing; Factions Season Zero: The Beta



Over the course of the last few months, the staff of ValkyrieCraftMC has been working tirelessly, putting in well over hundreds, if not thousands and manhours between everyone to bring to you the best possible factions experience.

The entire staff are all experienced minecraft factions players. Some are world-class developers, and some are prior server owners. All with one goal in mind; to build the best gaming experience for everyone. We have taken your input and implemented many suggestions from players to make this experience the best it can be. Day one, the owners stated to themselves that this server would be “by players, for players” and we have stuck to that to a T. We are proud to give you this experience.


So, what happens now? We have completed our Alpha test of the server, and then opened it for a small Beta test to donators (yes, donators that believed in us and our mission so much that they willingly opened up their wallets to help fund our endeavor before the server even opened. We love them all so much!) Now, we are introducing Season Zero: The Beta.


This season of Factions will be all about making sure that the experience we have cultivated will be able to handle the influx of players that are expected to be utilizing the server on a daily basis. During this 8 week season, we will be tweaking things and fixing things as needed in order to ensure that the next season is 100% for everything. With that being said, this season of Factions will have a modified Ftop payout due to the fact that it is still considered a Beta period. Ftop payouts will be vouchers for our buycraft store only this season. Next season, actual cash payouts will be occurring.




These rewards will be given out weekly. Since the season is 8 weeks long, you have a chance to win your faction up to $800 in vouchers to spend as you please in our buycraft store! As stated earlier, once this season is over, we will be introducing a cashout option as well. Those prices will be announced during the announcement for Season One.





With that being said, here is a taste of what we are offering for Factions at ValkyrieCraftMC


During Season Zero, we will be making a change log to show you all what we have added, removed and fixed. So, here is some of the features to look forward to during Factions Season Zero: The Beta.


Sell Wands and Trench Pickaxes

Trench Pickaxes can mine a 3x3, 5x5 or 7x7 area depending on there tier. These pickaxes are very good for trenching around a base hence where the name comes from. Sell wands are diamond hoes that have to ability to sell a whole chest of items granted there is a sellable item inside the chest. Sell wands have a certain durability depending on their tier. These items are obtainable in server crates, envoy's or in our store. Purchasing the items from the store will grant a small boost over finding them in envoy's or crates


Optimized TNT and Sand Mechanics

We are dedicated to providing a smooth and clean service to the players of ValkyriecraftMC and this made us invest in improving and optimizing TnT and Sand Mechanics. Much time and money has been spent making sure that these mechanics operate smoothly in order to make raiding more effiencent.


KOTH and Envoy's

KOTH is a king of the hill event that happens in the warzone at a set time every day that rewards a faction that is both strong and skilled in PvP and strategy. Envoy events happen every 3 hours in the warzone rewarding players that risk their lives with amazing rewards such as crates keys, money, armor or even a sell wand or two.


Vote Parties

Vote Parties happen every 50 votes and reward all players on the server with a few things to say thank you for voting.



We have decided to introduce cosmetics to our Factions server. You can purchase Trails, Pets or Tags on our online store to show off to other players. Pets are going to be set at $8 per pet and trails are going to be $6 per trail, but, we are introducing a pet and trails server crate that will cost $4.50 each and will give you a guaranteed pet or trail depending on the crate you open. Tags are going to be set at $5 per tag. We are going to be doing a community tag every week where we give you 3 tags to pick and you vote on the tag you wish to have added. The winner of the vote will have their suggested tag added to the server and will be given the tag as a thanks for their suggestion. All other players can purchase the tag from the store at a discounted rate for the first week of the tag being live in our store.


Custom Enchants

We have over 50+ custom enchants waiting for you all to test. Some a bit more powerful than others, but, they are balanced in their own way. The enchanting system is a tier-based EXP system, meaning it does not go off your XP level but off your EXP points. The enchants are only obtainable in their tier, meaning if you want a high level enchant of a high tier, you will have to keep opening a high tier till you get a higher-level one. This will balance the enchant and economy of trading custom enchants.


Alchemist and Tinkerer

In our enchanting system, you can use success dust to increase the success chance of a book but the dust is a tier-based system, meaning, a tier 2 dust cannot be applied to a tier 1 book. You can obtain dust by trading unwanted books with the tinkerer. If you have two books of the same rarity, enchant, and, level, you can combine them in the alchemist to receive 1 higher level of that enchant and rarity.


Server and Monthly Crates

We have six tiers of server crates and each month we will be releasing a monthly crate with some items that will only be obtainable from that month's crate. The crate will only be purchasable once per player but the rewards will be fair.


Advanced Anti-Cheat and Reporting System

We as a server have invested in picking and using one of the best anti-cheats. The reports system is easy to use so you can quickly report the player to staff members within seconds.


Gen Buckets

Gen buckets are buckets that generate a column or row of the block they hold, meaning, if you use a vertical obsidian bucket it will create a column of obsidian for the block it was placed on to the height limit.


Gapple and Enderpearl Cooldowns

As a balancing feature, we felt the PvP would be unbalanced with our custom enchants so we have decided to add a 2-minute cooldown on god apples and a 30 seconds cooldown on Enderpearls.


Trading and Auction House

As a safety precaution, we added trading to safeguard trading of items between 2 players but we also have an auction house to allow you to trade any item with everyone.


Duels, Bounties and Coinflip

Duels have not been added yet, but we are debating adding them so we added it in the features list. Bounties will enable you to put money on someone's head and the killer will receive the bounty minus a bit of tax. In coinflip, two players go head to head with each other with 50/50 chance to win the pot. These features were added for players to spend their money on something other than f top value.



TnT Fill was added to help cannoneers fill the complex cannons with TnT faster. The command will cost a small bit more than manually filling it. This is just to reward players for manually filling there cannons.


Mystery Mob Spawners and Money Pouches

To add a sense of Randomness to spawners and money rewards, we have added mystery spawners and money pouches. Money pouches will reveal an amount of money between two set values, meaning if you get a money pouch for 100k - 250k, it will reveal any amount of money between these 2 values. Mystery spawners will reveal a random spawner of the spawners listed in its description.



McMMo has been capped at 1k for everything except for axes and swords, which are both capped at 2.5k instead of 1k.


Faction Boosters

We will be testing Faction boosters during our servers beta they will boost both McMMo, EXP and mob drops in faction territory.


Grinding and Selling

Many people have expressed concerns over a “boring experience” of just setting down spawners, going AFK and grinding to raise their money. At ValkyrieCraftMC, we have set up our store to sell all of your wares so that it is possible to reach ftop no matter which method you use. Whether you are a traditional minder, a farmer, or an afk grinder, you will have a chance at reaching Ftop with our fair and balanced economy.


Server Staff

One of the biggest things we hear from people, and we have had our experience with this as well, is the lack of friendly support staff. At ValkyrieCraftMC, we strive to have friendly, helpeful staff on at all hours of the day. We may be friendly, but we are also fair. Please do not mistake our kindness for weakness. J


We very much look forward to having you all play on our server. Please be sure to join our discord if you haven’t already. Nitro boosters to our discord will get a sweet tag in game!


Also, be sure to check out our buycraft for all in game purchases. Everything that is available in buycraft is available for free within the game as well, during game of chance winnings such as vote crates, envoys, etc.


Thank you all so much for your patience as we cultvate the best gaming experience possible for all of you. We look forward to seeing you online soon for Season Zero!


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