Low Faction flight
Started by simmissim

➤ In-game username: simmissim
➤ GameMode: Factions
➤ Issue: Faction flight being enable but cant fly
➤ Explanation: whenever you join the server, faction flight will be eabled. but, you cant fly. you gotta disable and then enable to start flying.
➤ Proof: just the way it is cus

6 months ago

Dear Simmissim.


Thank you for making this topic. We are looking in to the problem i made a note for the dev team. We are hoping to fix this soon.



- Valkyriecraft staff

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Due to it being enabled in factions land only u have to renewable to to register your in faction land this isnt a bug but a precaution so u dont have fly outside faction land.

Thread Locked;

- ValkyrieCraftMC Development Team

6 months ago