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Server (Minecraft, Discord): Minecraft
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it takes too long to make back the money that spawners costs. i suggest making the drops worth more.

Dust for books too hard to get. for higher tiers of books. make tinkerer give more dust for books.

Creeper Spawners dont drop any creepers in grace. Make creepers not able to explode instead of having em not drop.

The amount of exp needed to level your mcmmo up is too high, this makes it that grinding for mcmmo (making acrobatic towers n stuff) isnt worth it since it takes too much time to grind. I suggest lowering the exp needed.

Farm items are currently on second page of Mob drops. I suggest making a sepperate catagory for that.

Cave spider spawners are usualy a way to get on grinding. they are usual relatively cheap are nice to have for small facs. 540k for one cavespider spawner.... you would need to sell 60000 sugarcane to get that. 26,04 inventories full of sugarcanes for 1 of the step-in exp grinder spawner? nah fam. I suggest making this different. sugarcane higher sell price or cavespider and other low tier spawners lower costs?

Voting stuff gives too much compared to other stuff. rn you you need to vote just to save yourself from hours of grinding.. this should be better when items can be sold for more i asume.

Envoy, Envoys spawn every 2 hours? thats not cool. warzone envoys are a really nice way for starters to get some stuff with stronger people still being able to intervene. I suggest making this a 30m cooldown.

Koth is 4 times a day. When you got some more people playing on the server i suggest making this 6 times a day.

/efix all is every 6 hours. waaay too long. some servers have every hour and thats already a long time. especialy if you are a pvp'er. I suggest making this every 15m if you wanna have it on a timer.

Ghasts are 10m and magmas are 7m but magmas make WAY more than ghasts. Either buy ghasts or nerf magmas. considering the prices and how much you get out of em for afking, id buy magmas and ghasts too. ghasts way more tho.

Vertical obby currently is 10k. With the economy, there is no way anyone will be able to buy that. yeah, normal obby is only one forth of the price but you gotta place em all by hand. currently you gotta sell 17,36 stacks of sugarcane to buy one genbucket.. someone could have a full onechunk sky to bed sugarcane farm and it will take them a few hours of farming just to make one layer of walls around that farm. I suggest to make genbuckets cheaper. 

Ice being a pretty usefull block being only $5 is weird. there are "useless" blocks which costs way more. you dont need a lot of ice in farms so this is a more special block and should accordingly be a higher price. I suggest making them 50 if not more a piece.

Strings selling for 1 a piece. comparing this to other mobdrops, its nothing. I suggest making this around the same as other mobdrops. same goes for arrows and feathers i would make a lil more valueable aswell.

hoppers are 25k, I suggest making this closer to 5-10k

Creeper eggs are 250k a piece in the shop. yet kits come with them. I suggest making these closer to 25k

people can have 5 alts currently. I suggest lowering this to like 2.

I cant use /help as a legendary rank.

yea thats all for now i think.


6 months ago

Dear Simmissim,

I'm going to talk with the Dev Team About this topic and see what we can do.


- ValkyrieCraft Staff

6 months ago

Dear simmissim,


Most Bugs / permissons are setup the right way now.

Keep in mind we aren't able to change anything.




ValkyrieCraft Owner/Dev

6 months ago