How to get more players
Started by 2hotfrost

Just opening the conversation into how to get a bigger playerbase. Below im going to list some ideas of how please add to the suggestions and if you could do any of these i belive the owners will be greatefull.

Linking to friends and comunities (Discord groups / reddit etc...)

Spamming other servers (Against the rules but if u belive this server is worth it xD)

Getting icons (minecraft youtubers / streamers) to advertise the ip

Posting on minecraft server pages (if there is an offical one for that website try and link it) 



6 months ago

Dear 2HotFrost,

We already tryed to most of this.  Execpt for Reddit and spamming servers feel free to help the server out.
I posted the server on voting pages / forums. Also tryed to contact streamers / youtubers but no succes.



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