ValkyrieCraftMC Global Rules
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Official ValkyrieCraftMC Rules:

(Please avoid breaking any of these rules, they apply to everyone.)
[lack of reading the rules will not exempt from punishments.]

Consider the following:
Players that have longer history of breaking rules and persists to break them, can be subject to longer and more severe punishments. This includes permanent mutes, bans, or IP bans.
You can check your punishment history and histories of others here: ValkyrieCraftMC

Global Rules:
(These apply for all game modes on ValkyrieCraftMC Server).

Rule no. 1: Do not encourage or persuade any players to break the rules.

Rule no. 2: Do not use any hacked clients or mods that are not allowed!

Rule no. 3: Do not swear, insult, harass, slander, or shame any players.
(This includes bypassing the chat filter and 18+ chat).

Rule no. 4: Respect everyone. (Racism, Sexism, Religion, Harassment, etc)
Including bad jokes such as “kys” (kill yourself) is not allowed!

Rule no. 5: Do not threaten to DDOS, or DOX another player.

Rule no. 6: Do not argue with Staff members. Staff decisions are final.
(If you have any discretion's please post a Ban Appeal in the Ban Appeal section of the forums).

Rule no. 7: Do not lie to the Staff.

Rule no. 8: Do not evade Mutes or Bans.

Rule no. 9: Do not abuse or exploit glitches.
(This includes any glitch abuse, helping abuse glitches, and showing others how to abuse glitches).

Rule no. 10: Do not Advertise links or servers not related to ValkyrieCraft.
(This also includes the following: YouTube channels/links, Harmful links, anything related to other servers, social media, and image links, in chat).

Rule no. 11: Do not use a VPN.

Rule no. 12: Do not buy, sell, or trade Minecraft accounts in-game or on the forums.

Rule no. 13: Do not mention your staff applications to any staff members.

Rule no. 14: Do not trade in-game items or money for real money (PayPal ETC.) because we can't do anything about it if you get scammed!

Rule no. 15: Do not frame players of breaking the rules.
(You can report them in the Player Report section on our forums).

Rule no. 16: Do not attempt to bend, or twist the rules.

Rule no. 17: Do not spam chat, spam letters in chat, flood chat, or use all capitals to type.

Rule no. 18: Use Latin alphabet letters in public chat, but feel free to use any other in /msg.

Rule no. 19: IRL Trading IS allowed.
(A person can buy you something from our online Store
for in-game money/items).

Rule no. 20: IRL Trade scamming is NOT allowed!
(IRL scamming someone will result in a permanent ban!).

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