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Ladies and Gentlemen, us here at ValkyrieCraftMC are proud to announce the EOTW for Season 0: The Beta of factions, and welcome the SOTW for Season 1: Panic Zone. We appreciate everyones help with the extended beta test of the server. We found and fixed many bugs and glitches thanks to your help. As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer you all 30% off of our Buycraft for the next week!   So what now? Tomorrow, 14 December 2019, we will be whitelisting the server and doing a full reset of our factions world. Once the server is open, SOTW of Season 1: Panic Zone begins! The season will last approx. 8 weeks and will feature weekly payouts for the top 3 factions! As of right now, the payouts will be in buycraft vouchers, but if/when we get a significant boost in player base and store purchases, we will be offering a cashout option as well.   For this season, the weekly payouts will be:   FTOP 1: $50 buycraft voucherFTOP 2: $35 buycraft voucherFTOP 3: $20 buycraft voucher   As always, we appreciate your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you on this season!   P.S. – SKYBLOCKS IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT AND WILL BE RELEASING IN THE NEAR FUTURE! Keep a lookout for further announcements on that as they become available.   Web: valkyriecraftmc.net Shop: store.valkyriecraftmc.net IP: play.valkyriecraftmc.com      
4 months ago

Dear StealerFan04,   We have to deny your appliction because of the player base and the random words you added in this appliction like (YEET)    BR, -JustJeffry Valkyriecraft owner/dev Topic locked denied.
6 months ago

Dear 2hotfrost, We have fixed the issue.  -Topic locked.
6 months ago

Dear 2HotForst,   We tryed to disable that already but factions won't allow it or we need to disable /f fly in general.   BR, JustJeffry ValkyrieCraftMC owner/Dev -locked.
6 months ago

Dear StealerFan04, Can you contact me on discord so we can speak about this application. I will invite someone else from the staff team. BR, JustJeffry ValkyrieCraftMC Owner/Dev
6 months ago